Friday, March 4, 2011

sorry for the no post vacation

I am so fucking sick of this rat race called life. I would love a new job, but I am over being the bitch of the work place.

My las place of employment took so much advantage of me. I was their everything, kinda. I am not trying to be sexist so dont start with me there, but being the only guy in a store full of teenagers is a no go. I mean, do not get the wrong idea they were some cool chicks, but the way they treated me was unfair.
  First off, all of the sales associates were paid the same, we had the same duties, and we took orders from the same people. Myself being the only straight male, had to do all the heavy lifting and dirty work. So I was the only person who did any heavy lifting. When the store was in liquidation I was stuck doing all of the back breaking trash runs, tearing down fixtures, and any other thing besides sweeping (which I did as well). This kinda pissed me off. Why am I getting paid as much as them if I am doing a lot more work then them.

that is all