Monday, January 31, 2011

I dont really feel safe on the street

Every time i see a police officer i cringe. I get an anxious feeling as if they are immediately going to pull me over. It seems that our lives are in their hands. If they feel like being an asshole they will pull you over and give you some stupid little ticket. The citizens pay the taxes and the taxes pay the police. That makes the citizens the customers. What ever happened to customer service? Without our money you cops cant buy your big lifted trucks and make payments on your big meaty houses, so why don't they just leave us alone. Police discriminate against young people, Doctors discriminate against young people, older people discriminate against young people. When has being young become a burden? Did this burden come with the hippie era? Maybe it started when young people found drugs or maybe it started when young people found video games, but what i do know is that we do not have alot of time left on this earth so why not help from start to finish.

It took me awhile to get some ideas for this blog but I will began to update both of my blogs daily.
Thank you followers.